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A dream is just a dream until you put it into action.

The word dream has two meanings in our language. Dreams can mean the nightly phenomena that we all create and can also be our greatest life ambitions. Although these two meanings seem quite different, they are fundamentally connected by a deeper level of self-awareness. By exploring your dreams and becoming more aware of what they mean, you naturally connect with practical ways to consistently fulfil your deepest aspirations.

Dream Psychologist

Ian Wallace Dreams

Ian Wallace is a best-selling author and popular broadcaster on the subject of dreams and the unconscious self. Ian is widely acclaimed in the media for his live dream analysis, performed with an expert empathy and immediacy that entertains, informs and educates. He regularly appears on television, on radio and in print, where is consistently recognised and applauded for his articulacy, his accuracy and his authority. Ian is the originator of the Dream Connection Process, a uniquely powerful method that enables anyone to connect the imagery and symbolism that they create in their dreams to opportunities in waking life where they can use this insight to make a healthy difference.

A to Z Dream Dictionary

The Complete A to Z Dictionary of Dreams

The Complete A to Z Dictionary of Dreams is Ian’s best-selling and definitive dream dictionary.

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The Top 100 Dreams

The Top 100 Dreams

The Top 100 Dreams is Ian’s internationally best-selling dream book, now available in 10 different languages around the world.

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Dreams don’t just happen to you

You create your dreams.

Dreams don’t just happen to you, you actually happen to your dreams. You create everything in your dreams. Every person you encounter, every place you go, every event you experience is generated by your unconscious self. By understanding why you create your unique dream content, you invariably achieve a profound understanding of who you really are, what you really need, and what you really believe.

This is also true for your dreams in waking life. Your greatest ambitions and deepest aspirations don’t just happen to you – you have to actively create them. By using the unconscious understanding you create every night in your dreams, you can connect far more deeply and successfully with your lifetime ambitions and aspirations.


In the Dream Diary, Ian shares his insights on news and topical issues involving dreams, sleep, symbolism and imagery.


In Your Dreams is where Ian explores the dreams that you personally create and what they actually mean for you.


Nodcasts are podcasts from Ian about dreams, featuring excerpts from his radio broadcasts around the world.