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Hi Dr Wallace, I wake up sometimes thinking I’ve left a baby I was looking after in the park by mistake or even worse sometimes I seem to remember a baby I’ve left by mistake in an attic days/weeks even years before….it is terrifying till I realise its not real.
I have a grown up family who are all away and I don’t look after anyone’s babies, never have, except my own and I was very careful and would never have left them anywhere!!
What on earth does it mean? ….Thank you…Babs  :o)

Dream Meaning
When we dream about a baby, we are often dreaming about something that is very close to us. The baby symbolises a precious part of yourself and represents a unique passion or talent that you possess. The attic symbolises some of your most valuable ideas for expressing this talent. However, you have been ignoring them and now these thoughts are trying to get your waking attention.

The abandoned baby in your dream represents something unique that you wanted to create through a process of love and labour. Due to circumstances at the time, you had to abandon this love but now you have the opportunity to rediscover and explore these ambitions from the past. This can seem terrifying to you because you realise that you that you have abandoned a part of yourself that was very close to your heart and an expression of your true identity.

It is never too late to explore your forgotten potential by rediscovering this love or passion from the past. When you laid these passions aside, for whatever reasons,  you did it in the hope that you would one day return to them and use them to fully express your talents and individuality.  That time is now.