could you please help me with this dream whitch i have a lot i am on my own. i go out somewhere and find the place ok but when i wish to come back i cannot find my way home i panic and keep trying different roads but neither are the right ones i get frightened then i wake upĀ  thanking you.

This is a profound dream. When we dream of going out somewhere, we are often trying to find some deeper meaning in our lives, so it looks as if you are exploring different beliefs and philosophies in your waking life. Our homes usually symbolise our own identity, and although you understand these different beliefs, you find them difficult to apply to your own identity and circumstances. This is the part where you are trying to find the road home, as none of these philosophies are actually helping you connect with the real you underneath.

In waking life, try asking yourself these questions:

Who really am I?
Where do I want to go?
How am I going to get there?