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Dominic West dreams of Fred West

The actor Dominic West, who starred in The Wire as Detective Jimmy McNulty, has been playing serial killer Fred West in the forthcoming ITV drama, Appropriate Adult.

Since starting work on this role, Dominic has been having recurring nightmares about Fred West. Dominic has shared his dream, recalling that ‘I have this recurring dream where I’m perched on a wall and Fred West is trying to grab me and pull me down.’

When we dream about a wall we are usually considering our personal boundaries in waking life. Being pulled down from a wall reflects Dominic’s concern that playing this role might cross some of his personal boundaries and make him feel depressed and down.

Actors and artists often dream of dead bodies and murders, even though they are not playing the role of a murderer or are working with morbid subjects.

Dreaming of murders or dead bodies usually suggests that an artist is trying to kill off some part of their own creativity, usually to please other people or to fit in to a group somehow. This act of trying to dispose of their unique talents can make them feel very guilty as if they had actually committed a murder in waking life.

The message from this dream is that rather than abandoning something that makes your life really worth living, you need to resurrect your neglected talent and bring it back to life. We may not all be great actors like Dominic but we all have unique talents that only we can bring fully to life.