Being Chased

In a chase dream, you often find yourself being pursued by someone or something that appears to threaten you in some way. Normally, you would find it quite easy to escape from your pursuer in day-to-day life but they always manage to stay very close to you in the dream. This is because your pursuer is some aspect of your own self and symbolises an opportunity that you are pursuing in waking life.

If you are being chased by a gang, it indicates that you have a chance to assert some of your individual talents and need to make some co-ordinated plans for your success. Being chased by a monster suggests that you have a big opportunity to use a powerful talent but that you need to take a more refined approach to employing your skills.

The action from this dream is to assertively engage with whatever appears to be preventing you from pursuing a particular opportunity in your waking life. By confronting any frustrations that you are experiencing, you will feel less helpless and be able to make decisive choices that will result in a successful outcome. Instead of feeling that you are under constant pressure, you will become the one pursuing your chosen goal.

If you are having difficulty in identifying the challenges that are frustrating your ambitions in day-to-day life, just try turning round and facing your pursuer in the dream. As you do so, ask the pursuer who they are and what they need – the answer that you hear will be a powerful insight and usually surprisingly easy to accomplish.