When you dream about your teeth, you are usually considering how confident and powerful you feel in waking life. You show your teeth when you smile and when you bite, and so they often reflect how self-assured and assertive you are feeling. Losing your teeth indicates something is challenging you and causing you to lose confidence in your ability to deal with it.

Like teeth dropping out one by one, receiving a knock to your confidence in one area of your life can often cause you to lose nerve in other areas of your life. Your self-assurance begins to wobble and you often find it easier to just to keep your mouth shut rather than speaking up for yourself.

Crumbling teeth show that your confidence is being eroded because you aren’t taking care of your self-esteem and if your teeth are decaying, then you feel that your power is somehow fading away. A loose filling suggests you are no longer filled with confidence and bleeding tooth sockets indicates tension in a close relationship is somehow wounding your self-esteem and you are letting your self-worth just leak away .

if you are wearing a brace, then you are trying to maintain your confidence using external support. Gleaming veneers and crowns suggest you are putting on an artificial show of power. Vampire teeth and fangs indicate you may be relying on the energy and passion of other people to provide your self-assurance.

The message from this dream is that you should be more confident in whatever situation is currently challenging you in your waking life. Although you may feel powerless in the face of adversity, you can often change the balance of power by just acting in a more self-assured manner.

The more confident that you appear then the more likely you are to succeed in overcoming any difficulties. Rather than seeing the unknown and uncertain as something that will leave you powerless, relish it as a challenge you can really get your teeth into.

We all experience our teeth actually falling out when we lose our deciduous, or baby, teeth as children. During the period when our teeth fall out we are usually starting to negotiate power and identity

in our relationships with others. It often seems, however, like everyone else, such as our parents and our teachers, have all the power and we are relatively powerless. As a child, this can cause us to lose self-assurance and when we experience this loss of confidence again in waking life, we often dream that our teeth are falling out again.