When you dream about a child, you are usually thinking about some situation or cause that is very close to your heart in waking life. It can be easy to think this dream is a premonition and your child is in actual danger. You are using your child, however, as a symbol to represent an idea that is very precious to you and that you are trying to nurture and develop in some way.

If there are a number of children in your dream, then these represent a number of growth possibilities that you are closely involved in at the moment. Although you may be giving these opportunities lots of encouragement and attention, you feel their continued existence is in some sort of jeopardy.

Your ambitions appear to be in danger of being unrealized because you think that you don’t have the time or energy currently they really need to have devoted to them. You feel there is a danger that your projects might come to an untimely end or that they might be accidentally cancelled because no one else realizes how important they are to you.

Although you are desperate to reconnect with your ambitions, you are finding it difficult to pick them up where you left off and now your plans may seem in quite a precarious state. By realizing that your ambitions are under threat, however, you can use your resilience and resourcefulness to bring them back to life.

This dream is actively drawing your attention to a precious personal gift that you have been neglecting. You may have been hoping that your idea would just grow and develop without much input from you but, in reality, it demands far more care and attention than you have been able to provide so far.

This level of nurturing is required until the project is more independent and can survive without your full time support. This precious gift is also usually an embodiment of your inner child, and reflects your potential to create something new and exciting.

Finding an unprotected and vulnerable child is one of the most emotive situations that we can experience. Our immediate instinct is rescue any child in distress, even though it involves jeopardising our own safety and security.

A child's cry of alarm will cut through any other noises and we will immediately give their welfare top priority, especially if it is one of our children. If our children seem content and secure, however, it can also be easy to lose sight of them in our immediate awareness, leaving them up to their own devices as they play and explore.