When you dream of unexpectedly falling in love, there is some very valuable part of your character that you have suddenly started to become more aware of. The dream usually comes as a complete surprise and you may find it very unsettling, particularly your choice of romantic partner.

Although you normally wouldn’t be attracted towards this person, they embody a character trait that you find very desirable, though usually not in a romantic way. You are beginning to realize that you also have the potential to demonstrate this personal quality and you find this possibility to be very exciting. The strength of your attraction may seem quite out of character, however, puzzling you as to why you are being drawn to this particular trait.

If the object of your affections is decisive and ambitious, then you are becoming more aware of your power to make choices and starting to have a clearer idea of what you really want to accomplish in your life. Someone outside your gender preferences indicates that you are becoming much more comfortable with your own femininity or masculinity.

Falling in love with an object suggests that you are bringing to life whatever qualities you associate with that item. All these possible situations reflect that you are actually falling in love with your purpose and potential. This blossoming romance with yourself isn’t some vain and narcissistic affair but an increasing acceptance of your abilities and attractiveness.

The message from this dream is that you are unexpectedly becoming far more aware of your potential and are feeling much more confident about yourself. This new level of awareness, however, can be quite confusing at first and may cause some disruption in your daily routine.

It can be tempting to shy away from exploring your recently revealed potential but it holds vital information. By opening up to the possibility that there might be much more to your talents than you previously thought, you can begin to attract what you need and who you desire into your life.

Like our dreams, we usually think of love as something that happens to us, rather than something we create. True love seems so precious and valuable that our culture surrounds us with stories of unexpected romance. In books, films, plays, poems and songs, it sometimes seems as if all human stories are love stories.

This constant searching for true love reflects that one of our most fundamental needs as social animals is to love and be loved. The phrase ‘falling in love’ reflects the more we relax and let go, the more fully we can accept our selves and our unique gifts.