When you dream about being haunted by a ghost, there is some aspect of your past that you are trying to lay to rest in your waking life. Even though the ghost may not resemble you, it reflects some aspect of yourself that you thought was dead and buried. This aspect is a habit or a memory from your past, which is coming back to haunt you in some way.

You may be trying to ignore this memory in your waking life because you think there is no substance to it and so the ghost appears transparent and insubstantial. No matter how much you try to escape and hide, the ghost is always there because it is part of you and your life so far.

These habits and memories usually appear in your waking life as particular behavioural patterns and the more you try to ignore these hauntingly familiar behaviours, the more the ghost will draw your attention to them. Such behaviours can often frustrate you and absorb an enormous amount of your time and effort.

By confronting your habitual patterns and starting to resolve them, however, you may often release a lot of creative energy. Your creativity can help to breathe new life into your ideas or resurrect a valuable gift or talent from your past. This talent is a unique quality and intrinsic to you and no matter how much you try ignoring it, it will always be part of you.

This dream is drawing your attention to the fact that there is some experience from your past that you have dismissed as being of no substance. This event, however, is actually continuing to have a substantial effect in your current life and you really need to lay it to rest.

This past experience has locked up a potentially valuable part of your character and it is time to confront it rather than always allowing yourself to be spooked by it. Instead of being possessed by your past, it is time to claim back your talent and own it yourself.

As our ancestors explored the mystery of death, ghosts became a way of explaining the inexplicable and the insubstantial. Ghostly apparitions are believed to be the spirits of the dead and have come to symbolize parts of us that aren’t physically manifested.

Although we attempt to rationalize strange occurrences in our contemporary culture, we continue to be drawn to the mysteries of ghosts and the spirit world. Many people use the latest technology in their efforts to confirm the presence of ghosts and some of our favourite stories feature ghostly characters and haunted houses.