When you find yourself searching for something in a dream, you are often trying to discover a sense of deeper fulfilment in your waking life. Not knowing what you are searching for reflects the fact that you aren’t consciously aware of what will make you feel more fulfilled in your daily existence.

If the search is taking place in your home then you are trying to find some hidden aspects of your character that will make you feel more complete. Although you know that you have potential talents locked away inside, you are searching for ways to connect with them. With every door you open and every cupboard you look in, you hope to discover the part of yourself that you are looking for.

If you are searching outside in your garden or in the street, you are looking for a greater feeling of fulfilment and recognition within your social circle. Looking for something in an office or a factory indicates that you would like to be more accomplished professionally. If you are driving along a road, or at a station or airport, you are searching to see how you can achieve greater satisfaction in your career. In all these situations, what you are really looking for is your true purpose in life.

Rather than constantly searching outside, your real sense of purpose can be found most easily by searching inside yourself. Exploring your fundamental needs and motivations will always help you find a deeper purpose.

The message from this dream is that you are trying to find what would make you feel happiest and most fulfilled in your life. You aren’t sure, however, what would give you the most satisfaction, so you spend most of your time hoping you might just stumble across it by chance.

Instead of running around and constantly searching, it is easier to just to stand still because the answer to what you are looking for is already inside you. Ask yourself what you want most out of life and then quietly wait for the answer to appear.

Human beings are great opportunists and one of the reasons for our success is our willingness to explore the unknown and search out valuable resources. Although our modern needs may have become more complex since our time as hunter-gatherers, we are always searching for something of value and the ability to express our values and talents.

Some of the first games we learn to play as children involve searching for something, such as peek-a-boo and hide and seek, where we purposely hide so that we can search and have the joy of finding each other.