As we embrace the stories that help us grow and break free from the patterns that limit us, our dreaming awareness keeps expanding outwards towards the edge of what we know. Even though we may feel that we have settled into a comfortable groove and no longer seek adventure, our dreams continue to search at the edges of what we know. Beyond the everyday and the routine, our dreams are exploring the edges of the known and unknown, the familiar and the unfamiliar.

But rather than adventuring out into the unknown and unfamiliar, our conscious selves usually choose to stay well inside the boundaries of what we know. Instead of allowing ourselves to shine with the bright illumination of our self awareness, we peer into the darkness with the flickering Zippo lighter of self consciousness. We cloak our own luminosity and let our dreams fade back into our unconsciousness, so scared of losing what we have that we end up never finding out who we can be.

Even though we might try to consciously try to ignore our dreams, they keep calling us out to the edges of what we know. Because our dreaming awareness knows that the closer we get to the edge, the more we realise that there is no edge. As we step beyond the edge we step outside ourselves, beyond self consciousness into a true self awareness. This is what the Greeks termed Ecstasy, literally meaning to stand outside ourselves, to ecstatically experience the self beyond the self.

This awareness is universally experienced across all human cultures. It can be called Enlightenment. Oneness. Satori. Flow. In this awareness there are no boundaries between who we are and what we do, between what we value and what we need, and between what we believe and what we see. Our experience of beauty, love and truth becomes real and meaningful. It is not a state that we consciously create. We arrive there by removing the criticality and judgment of our habitual filters and conscious obstacles.

As we let go, we notice more. As our dreams change from more distant aspirations to something we are experiencing right now, something really interesting happens. We begin to truly illuminate the spaces around us and as we do we begin to attract what we dream about into our lives. Our dreams start to come true. All the things that we have dreamt about coming true and the person that we have dreamt about being begin to manifest in our daily realities.

As we become our own guiding light and we illuminate our own spaces, we attract others like a beacon to our dreams because they can see their dreams being reflected by us. We become an attractor who creates meaningful space and time for them as well as ourselves.  And as we travel along that curving shore between unconscious awareness and conscious reality, our understanding continues to emerge and our dreams continue to manifest.