Hi Professor Wallace, Could you explain my dreams? I dream I am getting bit by various animals but always a snake.


When we dream about animals, we are thinking about the more instinctive and impulsive aspects of our nature. Although we may like to consider ourselves as creatures of reason living in a civilized society, we all have urges and drives that are natural expressions of our physical needs. In our dreams, animals usually symbolise aspects of our personalities that are trying to make themselves known in some way.

Being bitten by various animals suggests that there is a situation in your waking life where you are trying to control an impulse to act or an instinctive response to a recurring situation. You feel that you may have a painful experience if you just go ahead and respond to your instincts. It may be that you are anxious about a particular situation in your waking life and all these bites reflect all the little anxieties that you feel are gnawing away at you.

Snakes often represent our ability to grow and mature in waking life. In the same way that a snake sheds its skin, we also help our own healthy growth by discarding aspects of our characters that are no longer useful to us. Being bitten by a snake suggests that you need to leave behind past experiences so that you can move easily into a better future. However, you are concerned what people might think of you as you make this change and are concerned that they will make hurtful remarks.