Hello Dr. Ian, I have this dream again and again where I am trapped in the living room of my house. My living room seems absolutely massive in the dream and although I think I am normal sized, it feels like I am really tiny. I really need to get to the bathroom to go to the toilet, but the doors just keep getting further and further away every time I try to reach a door to get out. I try to get to the window as well so I can shout for help but it just keeps getting smaller and smaller and I keep sinking deeper and deeper into the living room carpet and no one can hear me. Can you explain what is going on?


When we dream about our house, we are usually dreaming about our own self and our identity. The rooms in our house represent the different aspects of our character and the living room is where we often show our public face to others. In your dream, the aspects of your character that you are showing to others appear far larger than they actually are and so in waking life, your probably like to appear to others as a larger than life character.

Although you may enjoy the attention that you receive by appearing larger than life, it results in you feeling trapped as you cannot find a way to step out of this character that you have created. Trying to get to the bathroom shows that you are trying to state your needs in waking life but you feel that your public image would be diminished if you actually managed to express what you really need.

Attempting to get to the window indicates that you are trying to show other people who you really are deep down inside but the window of opportunity for doing this is becoming smaller and smaller. To move on from this dream, you need to start showing some of your vulnerabilities and weaknesses to others in waking life.