Dear Mr Wallace, I am 25 years old and have been having problems with choking dreams for years which are all based around choking. I don’t have them all the time but regular enough as they really frighten me. I have had many dreams of choking on various objects, string, necklaces, small objects such as a small box and food like meat. I have also recently had a choking dream when I knew the object had not yet gone down the back of my throat so I tried to tip head forward and attempt to shake it to the front of my mouth the spit out. But every time it will always end up going down my throat. I wake up drenched in sweat and in a shear panic, I continue to chock even when I am awake and I am definitely awake and alert but I still feel as though the object is still there? I drink water to wash it away, I wake my partner for help, but it often ends in me over the toilet making myself sick to try clear the ‘what feels like’ a blockage in my throat.  After vomiting and if my throat feels clear, I can then go back to bed and attempt to sleep. I have read many choking dreams and people who suffer with this too, however, I have not heard of people who’s dream then becomes a reality and use physical actions to stop it. Any answers, help and advice would gratefully received. Many thanks,


We experience recurring dreams as a way of repeatedly bringing our attention back to a specific area of our waking life that we feel needs to change. In order for us to recognise the message and act upon it, our dreams tend to gain intensity until we do so. As your dreams have been recurring over a number of years it is possible that the development of your physical symptoms are linked, however it is always worth having your throat looked at by a professional just to be sure you don’t have an inflammation, typically caused by household allergens or are perhaps experiencing some form of sleep apnea.

Choking dreams are indicative of some level of unrest where self-expression is concerned. They often require the dreamer to bridge the gap between head and heart, valuing what needs to be said as a way of moving forward. The various dream objects that you have had difficulty swallowing give us some insight as to your internal responses when the situations confront you, perhaps relating to feelings of being strung along, strung out, chained to an outcome, put in a ‘box’ or being boxed in? meat is often about the power to action something, so choking on meat shows how you may have ‘choked back’ an opportunity to assert yourself in the past.

Your dream could be relating to one ongoing situation, or perhaps many smaller ones, either way there is an explicit desire to  ‘spit it out ‘. The following questions are designed to help you get clear about what it is that needs to be said:

Q- Is there a situation in waking life that you are finding difficult to swallow?

Q- Is there something you’d like to say but find yourself choking it back?

Q- Where do you feel you need to take action?

Q- Is your head dominating your heart or vice versa? And is there something you need to say or do to bring about balance?