Good Morning Ian, At least here in the states it is still the morning. I am intrigued by your website and thought I’d try to see if I couldn’t get some help interpreting a dream that has many aspects to it. In the dream I am away at a resort/hotel sitting out on a patio enjoying myself with all of the wives of my bosses (who I also consider friends & are all part of one large family). I notice that the cobblestone paths and roadway are not level and very bumpy, I then begin to notice that just about all of the construction is of a lesser quality as far as the plastering, painting etc. I go in the hotel to my room and when I come back out to join the others downstairs, I have to go down a black metal spiral staircase to the lobby area. As I try to proceed down the stairs they keep collapsing and moving as I try to decend. Although I am frightened, I decide that I am able to essentially climb down the structure as if it were a ladder by grabbing onto pieces of metal and climb down hand/foot backward. I am successful in getting to the lobby without any further problems and begin to warn the others but they seem to not care or arent’ listening.Thank you for considering this interpretation. Dawn .


Dreaming about a hotel or resort usually indicates that you are reflecting on a temporary identity that you show to others, a persona. Being on the patio would suggest that it is about your involvement within a specific social or work environment.

You begin by feeling very connected and comfortable with the feminine aspects of your nature and the sense of enjoyment, empathy and community that brings. Your awareness then shifts to the paths and roadways, which are often seen as our potential directions in life, opportunities or career paths, perhaps you are beginning to see the possibility of a rocky ride ahead. This also fits with the disillusion about the façade that has been presented to you.

Your growing awareness triggers a retreat to your room, a more private thoughtful place where you feel most comfortable. From there you realise that in order to reach others in a deeper way, instigate any action or change, or to open more doors of opportunity (all reflected in the need to get to the lobby) you must first tangle with a rigid, controlling and perhaps gloomy framework that is already in place. When you try to move forward upon it, it collapses and moves, this may be symbolic of some restructuring or perhaps an unwieldy structure that you are finding unsupportive.

Then you show great courage and determination, by engaging with your autonomous, creative and assertive self, you take a more unconventional approach revealing a lighter perspective and a less dominating presence (a ladder as opposed to a staircase) and by taking a step back, you are finally able to move forwards.

You are successful, and show a desire to share your experiences with others, it would seem that this particular social or work group are not as receptive as they perhaps first appeared. This dream may be revealing a desire to be part of a group that relate to each other in a more meaningful, connected and open way.