HI I have had this recurring dream, occasionally, over a number of years.  I am in (what I believe) is my house, but it is not my house and not a house I am familiar with, and it is a different house in every dream. I am walking along the hall (or a corridor) and I open a door and find a room that I had forgotten we had.  It has been totally untouched  and I suddenly remember that it was there when we bought the house, but I had forgotten all about it!! As I say different room –  different house –  every time, but not any house that we have lived in. Any ideas what it means? Thanks


When we dream about a house, we usually are thinking about our self and considering our sense of identity.  Dreaming about different and unfamiliar houses shows that you are become aware of different areas of yourself that you are not routinely familiar with. The hall or corridor symbolises some new activity that you are involved with in your waking life.

The door in your dream is your sudden realisation as you begin to discover a forgotten skill or personal resourcefulness that this new activity is inspiring you to use. The room represents this talent of yours that had apparently been lost. You know that you have always had this ability but have not had the chance to use it, probably because you felt it was of little or no value to you in everyday life.

This forgotten talent may be something that you were really passionate about earlier in your life but had to set aside or stop. This probably because you felt you could not pursue it further because of your circumstances at the time. When you have this dream, it is telling you that you now have the opportunity and resources to express the passion or ambition that you previously had to abandon.