Hi Ian I am a big crossword fan and really enjoy working out puzzles. I keep having a dream that I am doing a crossword. I am sure I know the answers but when I try to write them in nothing seems to fit. I keep trying to write the answers again and again until all the white boxes are just a mess of black ink. I get very angry and start stabbing my pen to paper and start shouting and then rip the newspaper up. I throw my pen down and burst into tears. Am I going mental? Shel


Dreaming of doing a crossword suggests that you are trying to work out some sort of real puzzle in waking life. It also indicates that you prefer taking a black and white approach to most things in life because it minimises uncertainty. This is probably a situation that has been puzzling you for some time and you are trying to work out the correct response.

Although you feel that the answer to your situation should be quite straightforward, none of the responses that you come up with seem to fit. Even though your solutions aren’t working, you keep trying them again and again because you are sure you have the right answers to the problem. However, the more that you give the same old answers, the messier things become.

This makes you very cross because you feel that you can’t seem to communicate what seems a simple answer to a simple question. Rather than giving up on this frustrating situation and moving on, the most obvious answer to your puzzle is to tear up the rules and make up some new ones of your own. Take a more colourful approach to this problem and you will open up new opportunities.