On the Viall Files we are decoding your dreams with dream psychologist, Ian Wallace. Ian is a best-selling author and popular broadcaster who is widely acclaimed in the media for his live dream analysis.

Nick and Ian dive right in, starting with analyzing dreams about infidelity (and sex in general), what they mean and how we can translate our dreams into actions. Ian explains why it is more common for men to have vivid dreams and walks us through the top 5 most common dreams.

Ian then breaks down the symbolism behind our very own Viall Files teams' recurring dreams, dreams of being pigeon holed, sleep paralysis vs. lucid dreaming, and dreams about death.

He’ll show us how our dreams are the ultimate self portrait and how we can process and remember dreams by using “will, still, and fill.”

“People used to think dreams happen to them, when really, you happen to the dream.”