Dear Ian, I have twice had the same dream and I was wondering if you could tell me what it means. My dream is that it is a beautiful day and I am inside the head of an eagle flying higher and higher into the sky, when I look out of his right eye I can see a beautiful lush green valley with the grass blowing in the wind but when I look out of his left eye I see the same valley only this time it is barren and bare and there are no leaves on the trees.Afterwards the eagle return me to what looks like an old church and then I wake up. Yours Robert


Being inside an eagle’s head suggests that you have been thinking about your philosophies and beliefs in waking life.  The eagle symbolises your philosophical far-sightedness and the acuteness of your spiritual vision.  You are rising above the apparently mundane activities of everyday life and as you soar to a wider and higher viewpoint you begin to become sharply aware of some wider perspectives.

The valley represents your receptiveness to new ideas and ways of cultivating your fertile mind. The lush valley reflects the richness of your spiritual life and the barren valley shows how empty your life might be if you did not have this awareness. Seeing the green valley out of the right eye shows this as what you see as being right for you and the barren valley is left behind. Your lofty viewpoint enable you to see both sides of the situation so that you can put them in perspective.

The old church symbolises the fundamental spiritual principles by which you have been living your life. Your flight with the eagle shows that although you may have strong traditional beliefs you are very open to any other ways of thinking that will increase and expand your awareness.