garden, a big rumbling crashing sound. I start rushing around making sure all the doors and windows are locked and trying to make sure I’m safe in case it’s a burglar. The noise gets louder and louder and I’m horrified to see the front door shaking as something batters it from the outside. The door is starting to buckle under the strain and although I’m terrified, I risk a peek out through the window. I’m amazed to see a huge elephant in the garden. It seems to be smiling and as I look at its huge eye, the door caves in and it plants a huge kiss on my cheek with the end of its trunk. What on earth does this mean?


When we dream about an elephant, we are usually remembering our ability to be strong and wise. Your house symbolises your self and your dream suggests that there is some new situation in your waking life that you feel is somehow threatening your identity. This feeling of change can often be triggered by workplace disruptions or new relationships.

These changes are making you feel powerless and vulnerable so you are attempting to keep yourself as safe and secure as possible. Even though you are doing your best to prevent the imminent intrusion into your life,  the situation just keeps getting worse. Your front door usually symbolises how you present yourself to the world and how you also guard your privacy and so it seems to you that both your public and private life are under attack.

However, windows often represent how you perceive yourself and you begin to realise that you are unconsciously welcoming this chance for a big change in your life. It is forcing you to look into strengths and skills that you thought you had forgotten and encouraging you to make valuable use of them. Rather than being an intrusion, it is an opportunity to rediscover the power of your innate strength and wisdom.