My mum keeps having the same dream in the dream she has three legs this third leg is coming out of her hip and she feels it hanging out of the side of the bed, also in this dream she keeps trying to get the leg back into the bed.


When we dream about out legs, we are considering our ability to stand up for ourselves. Dreaming of a third leg shows that your mum has the capability to offer extra support for others. Like a tripod, these three legs provide a lot of stability, so there is a situation in waking life where your mum is being very stable and supportive. The fact that the third leg is growing out of her hip indicates that she is probably giving this stability and support to a family member.

Our beds are where we feel most comfortable and relaxed and your mum’s attempts to get her third leg back into bed show that she needs to look after herself as well as looking after other people. Although she may appear very capable and supportive, she needs to relax and have some time to herself, instead of looking after others all the time.

Her leg hanging out of the bed in her dream indicates that some of the people whom she helps may unintentionally take advantage of her good nature. Although she doesn’t want to withdraw her support for them, she needs to stand up for her own needs as well as standing up for the needs of others.