Recently, many of my clients have been sharing facebook dreams with me.  Their dreams tend to follow three main themes. does.  However, the only way to genuine personal success

The first theme, and probably the most common one, is that in the dream, the dreamer opens up their facebook page, and all their friends have disappeared. The second theme is that their picture seems to have no face. The final theme is that they keep trying to open their own page, but it keeps opening as someone else’s page. When we dream of a face, either our own face or the face of another, we are reflecting on identities and how we recognise our own uniqueness and the individuality of others.

In the first dream theme, where the dreamer opens their page and their friends have all disappeared, it is often the case that the dreamer is extremely loyal and unselfish in waking life, and usually puts the needs of friends before their own needs.  This dream is reminding them that however loyal you may be, you need to put your own needs first, rather than your friends.  By making looking after yourself a priority, you can access inner resources that will enable you to help your friends even more when you choose to.

The second dream where the dreamer’s picture has no face suggests a loss of personal identity.  The dreamer may feel that they are not being seen authentically in waking life be others, and that their uniqueness is not being recognised.  To help resolve this situation, the dreamer should reflect on times when they feel they have been expressing themselves authentically, and also consider occasions when they might mask their true feelings and simply adopt an identity that allows them to be part of a group.

In the third type of dream, the dreamer also appears to experience a loss of personal identity.  Often they feel that if they can be really like someone else, and copy their lifestyle, then they will experience the same apparent success and fulfilment that the other person and self fulfilment is to follow our own unique path, rather than trying to emulate a route someone else may have taken.  We just have to face up to it!