Hello Ian, I have a recurring dream of sorts.  I have a very old dog who has arthritis has had a stroke is both deaf and blind.  In short he needs a lot of tender loving care. My dream is either someone is hurting my dog he is being kicked by a big man wearing hob nailed boots or we are in some sort of great difficulty (a flood).  Whatever the dream I have to save my dog. Yours, Kerry


When we dream of dogs, they often represent our capacity for loyalty and love.  Your dream suggests that you feel that your own capacity for tenderness and caring is being abused and it feels like somebody is tramping all over it in hobnailed boots.  You are probably in a situation in waking life where you feel badly let down by a romantic partner.

The flood  indicates that this is a very emotional situation for you and it is making you anxious that you will be overwhelmed by your feelings.  The overriding desire to save your dog suggests that you are keen to maintain your own dignity and self respect. Although you would like to kick out at the person who is causing you this hurt, you are putting your values of love and loyalty above all else because these are the principles you hold most dearly.

Your dogged determination to remain faithful to your deeper principles demonstrates that your capacity for love and loyalty is stronger than ever.  Even though you feel these powerful qualities are currently being abused, they will give you the ability to bounce back and share your love and loyalty with a person who will truly appreciate them.