i have had a couple of recurring dreams over the last few years which have intrigued me and would really appreciate a specialists opinion. i have the typical falling dreams but i always hit the floor and i just get up off the ground and walk away. i do not wake up during falling or upon hitting the floor and i wasnt aware you were ‘able’ to hit the floor in a dream? i also regularly dream that i am either running or doing another activity and my body wont allow me to move quickly enough even though i know im capable of moving quicker. its like im moving in slow motion compared to everyone and everything around me. i would really like to know what you think about these dreams and i hope you can get back to me.

Dream Meaning

When we dream of falling, it is usually because our body is relaxing and we are releasing accumulated tension from our muscles. The theory about not hitting the ground in a dream is simply an urban myth. The fact that you do hit the ground indicates that you are usually quite practical in waking life and enjoy being down to earth.

Although this can be an admirable trait, your second dream reflects some of the frustrations associated with it. When we dream that we want to move faster, or that our feet and legs seem stuck and slow, it often means that something is holding us back from achieving our ambitions and desires. Usually that something is our own self, and your dream expresses the fact that you know you can move more quickly to achieve what you want in life, but you feel held back by the practicalities of doing that.

To get yourself moving more quickly into the future you want, try inviting it into your current life a little bit at a time. Think of who you want to be and where you want to go and see how that feels. There is something in your past that’s holding you back and your dreams are encouraging you to loeave it behind, so you can step into your new future.