Hi Ian I have been having this dream where I am working my way up a tree. It is a really big tree but the branch I am on seems very creaky and rotten and old. The wind is getting up and the tree is starting to shake and I am getting very worried that the branch will break off and fall to the ground. A few feet away is a beautiful healthy tree that seems really strong and green and healthy. I want to jump across to it and I know I can but I am afraid I will fall. Emma


In a dream, a tree usually represents your life and how it grows as you get older and become more mature. Although a tree can often symbolise your family, working your way up it suggests that this is about your career and the particular branch of the business that you are in. This tree suggests that some insecurity in your workplace is making you feel anxious and putting the wind up you.

You are feeling out on a limb and you are worried that you will lose your professional position and have to work your way up all over again. However you have the opportunity to become involved in a thriving business in similar area. This new company seems to be very strong and healthy but is going to require a bit of a leap of faith to make the break from your present position.

You are concerned that moving to this new company might end in failure and you may be sad about leaving old colleagues who have become like a family to you. It is time to be courageous and branch out. This will give you much more opportunity for growth and provide you with much more security.