Hi Ian I dreamt that I was hurrying across the road to a factory where I used to work when young. The bus was coming  and several other people were going for the same bus. For some reason I looked over my shoulder  I saw the Queen fall backwards into a muddy puddle.  I needed to catch the bus  but I felt that I should go to help her.  Her beautiful ermine coat was covered in mud.  I felt really upset  because I knew that it was ruined. There was really nothing that I could do  no one spoke. When I awoke  I felt as though I ought to have done something to help  but felt powerless to assist.  What could this mean? Laura


In your dream, hurrying to the factory indicates that there is some new situation happening in your workplace. The approaching bus suggests that you have the chance for promotion and this opportunity is being pursued by several other people. However, your rush to be promoted is causing some tension between you and your workmates. The Queen symbolises one of your colleagues who takes great pride in their work and has always been well respected by others.

Although she is the obvious candidate to succeed to the new post, she has become involved in an emotional issue at work and this has turned into quite a messy situation. A coat often symbolises how we behave in the workplace and her fur coat shows her to be powerful with a spotless character. Even though this lady has a great track record, her enviable reputation has become muddied.

You would really like to help your colleague because you know that her indiscretion will probably ruin her career, but you also realise that helping her will prejudice your own chances of promotion. The powerlessness you feel in the dream reflects your frustration at having to choose between forwarding your career or helping your friend.