Hello Ian, I dreamt my parents’ house, transported to the city where I lived, caught on fire. I was rushing around the city in my car trying to find a fire station to report it! When I returned, the house was a shell and my parents were left with the clothes they stood up in. I rang home next day and my Mum said, “It wasn’t our house that went on fire last night, dear, it was a house in the block behind us. The people were left with the clothes they stood up in.


The house is the classic symbol of the self, as houses have insides and outsides, and so do we. The parents’ house represents some of the dreamer’s fundamental values and beliefs, with the fire symbolising the opportunity for the dreamer to transform some aspect of their waking life. The city symbolises the dreamer’s wider social network and the car represents their individual drive and ambition.

Clothes symbolise how the dreamer would like to appear to other people in waking life and how they stand up for their personal values and what they believe in. This dream suggests that the dreamer had identified a professional opportunity that may have challenged some of their existing values and beliefs. By making the most of the professional opportunity, the dreamer was able to move on and gain valuable new understanding of how to make the most of their individual talents.