Hi Ian, I was listening to you on the Chris Evans show.  I have in the past had some very weird dreams but there were two really nasty dreams I used to have and would be interested to know what these mean. The first dream was about a house (these could be different houses) athough I never ever saw anything I could feel an evil presence and would wake up absolutely petrified. Another dream was about ending up in a public toilets and the smell was really disgusting.


These two dreams may seem a bit different but they are deeply connected. When we dream about a house we are always dreaming about our own self. Dreaming about different houses represents dreaming about our potential identities. The evil presence symbolises your own power and potential that you ignore because you nearly always put the needs of others before your own. This presence is not evil in waking life; it only appears evil because you are ignoring it and it is trying to attract your attention.

When we dream about a toilet we are dreaming about our own needs and how we fulfil them. In this dream you are extremely disappointed that you keep putting the needs of others before your own and you are trying to get this message through to your conscious self. There is a very simple method to begin resolving these dreams and fulfilling your own needs and that is by using the word ‘No’. Even though it might upset you to turn down a request for help, you need to put your own needs before the needs of others. This is not being selfish; you can only really look after others when you really look after yourself.

You don’t have to say ‘No’ to everything, just the things that are not fulfilling your own needs. Try starting off with some smaller issues and then work your way up to some more important ones. It is more than likely that you have some great talent that you never seem to have any time to use because you always put the needs of others before your own. Saying ‘No’ now and again will begin to unlock your power and potential and allow others to recognise your deeper talents.