i have a recurring sleep walking/dream experience that there is a huge spider about to drop on me. I can see the spider clearly above my head and i think i am awake.  I scream and run out of bed and its not until my partner turns on the light that i realise i have been dreaming.  It is truely terrifying.  the interesting thing is i am not particularly frightened of spiders in real life, i dont like them, but i am not frightened of them.  i have this experience at least a couple of times a week at the moment.  could you help me? thank you


Often when we dream of spiders, we are anxious about becoming emotionally entangled in a situation in waking life because this situation may threaten our happiness and wellbeing. The emotional entanglement may be a family situation or perhaps a romantic one and we are concerned that somehow we will become trapped and unable to move. This often happens when we spend all our time looking after the needs of others rather than our own needs.

The message from this dream is to say ‘No’ more often so you can look after our own needs as well as the needs of others. You don’t have to say ‘No’ to everything, just to those situations that compromise your own happiness and make you feel trapped. The more you look after your own needs, the more you will be able to take care of the needs of others.