Hey Ian – I keep dreaming that I am sitting in a big comfy chair at my desk in the office. Everything seems fine but I cannot get my iPhone to work properly – it just shows a big clock ticking away. I try to get my messages but the clock won’t go away. I suddenly think that it might be a bomb ticking away and it bursts into flames in my hand. I quickly let go of it and it sets fire to my desk and then the whole office. I manage to escape outside and am relieved to still be alive. Michael


When you dream of sitting at your desk in the office, it indicates that you are considering the various aspects of your career in waking life and the professional direction that you are taking. Although you seem to be very comfortable in your position and everything seems fine, there is something about your job that is unsettling you in some way.

Your iPhone is a device that you use to communicate with the world around you and it symbolises that you are trying to communicate an important message to yourself. For some reason, you feel that time is running out for you and this suggests that you have recently become aware of a potential opportunity and are scared that you will miss out on it.

The fact that you think that your phone might be a bomb shows that this opportunity has the potential to create a lot of power and energy for you. However, the flames in your hand suggest that you need to take immediate action to make the most of this chance. You know that if you let this opportunity go, it could affect your whole career and you might find yourself stuck in the same job forever.