Dr. Wallace, Could you please give me some information on a recurring dream I have. I’m in a house, different houses all the time, sometimes its a home I’ve bought, or house of a friend, or one I don’t know but never my existing home.  I’m living there and there’s always a problem with water running down the walls or from the roof lots of water not just a leak, to the extent sometimes that half of the house is washed away and there is a huge waterfall at the side of the house. I’ve been having this dream for years and can’t seem to find an explanation for it. If you could advise It would be much appreciated.


When we dream about a house, we are often reflecting on our sense of  identity. Dreaming of different houses suggests that you are very empathic and intuitive and so you find it easy to identify with other people and the situations that they find themselves in. Living in these different houses reflects how easily you can see another person’s circumstances through their eyes.

The water running down the walls and roof indicates that you also tend to become emotionally involved in these situations because you empathise so easily with others. The waterfall symbolises your ability to channel your feelings to help other people, providing them with support and energy. However, half of the house being washed away shows that you can sometimes lose sight of your own needs because you are so busy looking after the needs of others.

When you are looking after other people, you need to establish clear boundaries to make sure that you don’t ignore and neglect your own needs.. The best way to do this is to just say ‘No’ when you feel that you are being swamped by the demands of others.  This will keep your own sense of identity intact, like the walls of your dream house.