Dear  Ian, I have this reoccurring nightmare that I go out for a few beers. I’m sitting there in the pub chatting away to my mates when I realise that I have lost my bottle of beer. I ask my friends to help me look for it but it’s like their faces have changed and I don’t know who they are. Then one of them starts pointing at my mouth and shouts ‘There it is! It’s in your mouth!’ I bite down and my mouth is full of broken glass and I can taste bubbling blood. Then I start spitting the glass out and it sticks in the faces of these people. I am not a heavy drinker so can you shed some light on this dream?


When we dream about drinking alcohol, there is usually some situation that we are trying to escape from in our waking lives. This is probably a situation in your workplace where there is a chronic underlying tension between yourself and some other people. Although everything seems fine on the surface you know that it can all get out of control very quickly.

In waking life, you probably tend to lose control when your courage and authority is challenged by others and this makes you worry that you seem to be losing your bottle. Rather than waiting to hear what the others have to say, you immediately become defensive and attempt to reassert yourself. You try to defend your actions by spitting out sharp words and although you wouldn’t normally do this, you have lost control of the situation and your blood is boiling.

In these tense situations, the cutting remarks that you spit out can wound others and you always end up feeling a bit cut up about it yourself. To move on from this dream, try and be more flexible and accommodating with the people who you deal with in waking life. If you continue to present a tough hard exterior, you will just end up shattering your own fragile confidence.