Hi Ian I have this dream where I am being chased by this armed Mafia gang. They are waving shotguns at me and I know that they also have concealed knives in their chest pockets. They chase me into a cul de sac full of derelict shops and tell me that I have to join them or they will kill me. However, they keep calling me Agnes and I keep saying that this is a mix up and they have got the wrong person. Cheers, Nadzirah


Dreaming of being chased indicates that there is some situation in your waking life where you feel under a lot of pressure to take some action or commit to a particular decision. Being pursued by an armed gang from the Mafia implies that this involves members of your family and you feel that they are trying to force you into making a decision.

The guns suggest that these family members are male and that they are being quite aggressive towards you. The concealed knives show that they are trying to convince you that they have your best interests at heart but you are worried that their actions will wound you emotionally. The decision they are forcing you to take is about committing to a particular job or profession.

However, you feel that the career path that they want you to take is a professional dead end. The derelict shops symbolise outdated values and beliefs and you can see nothing in this career that will make you feel needed or valuable. The fact that your pursuers are calling you Agnes shows that they do not understand you as an individual and show no real interest in what you want from life.