Dear  Ian in 1997  i  lost my mum ,  we were  very close . I was  told  to  attend  work  the  day  the  hospital  had  said  she  would  not  last much  longer .   and  also  did  not  see  her  to say  good  bye  at  the  chappel  of  rest .  the day  before  she  was  due  to  be  burried  i  had  a  dream  about  her   i  was  with  my  daughter  we some  how  ended  up  at  my perants  home .  mum and  dad  were  there  she seemed  large  as  life   we  chatted  and  before  i  was  due  to  leave she  tryed  to  hand  me   some  money  ,  i  said  i  dident  need  it  she then  said  thst  she  was  to  leave  the  next  day  and  i  would  not  see  here  again  ,  i  said  that  i  dident  want  her  to  leave .   she said   she  had  to  it  got  a  bit emotional  ,  well  i  did  i  then woke  uk  crying  and  still  wonder  what  it  meant  dad  past away  in 2003  i  never  dream  about  him  but  was  there  when  he  past a way  and  even  attended  the  chappel of  rest  ,    p.s  sorry  about  the spelling  mistakes  hope  you  can  help


Thanks for getting in contact and please don’t worry about your spelling – our dreams are the language of our unconscious and they don’t follow any grammatical rules.

When someone very close to us passes away, part of our grieving process is accepting that they are no longer here in this physical existence with us. When your dad passed away, the fact that you were there and attended the chapel of rest meant that it was much easier for you to accept that he was no longer with you.

With youR mother, this was more challenging because of work circumstances, you could not be present at her passing and say good bye at the chapel of rest, which made it more difficult for you to accept that she was gone.

So what your dream is doing is helping you to accept your mother’s passing by acknowledging that she had to leave. When we dream of money, we are dreaming of our worth and our value to others, so in your dream, your mother is telling you how valuable you are and encouraging you not to be afraid of showing your value to others. Although you didn’t accept the money in the dream, the message from your unconscious is that your mother was extremely proud of you and that you should not be shy or worry that sometimes others don’t seem to realise your value. You should just be your own man and do what you feel is right, rather than doing what others expect you to do.

It’s very difficult for us when we lose a parent, and while we have to let them go, we know that their love never leaves us.