Dear Ian, Every night I am dreaming of people from my past but it is different people each night and I would like to know if this has any meaning as this has been happening for a few weeks. Would you please advise me if this has any significance? Thank you!


When we dream of people from the past, they often represent aspects of our own character that were important to us in the past. The reason that you are reflecting on your past is that there is probably a situation in your current waking life just now that is reminding you of some past experience. This current situation may appear to be a little bit confusing or uncertain but your dream is reminding you of how you dealt with it in the past.

The different people in your dream show that you are examining your present situation from a variety of perspectives as you work out the best way to deal with it. Although what is happening in your waking life may seem to have no connection with your past, this situation is triggering feelings and emotions that you have experienced before in other situations.

The people from the past in your dream are reminding you that you have accumulated wisdom and experience during your life. You now have the power to use this wisdom in whatever challenges that you may encounter in waking life. Even though these challenges may seem unusual and unfamiliar, your older, wiser self intuitively knows how to make the most of them.