A common dream experienced by people who are embracing a new job or different belief system is being lost or trapped in a maze. Unlike the the expansive and unconscious wild wood, a maze symbolises a specific route to discovering something we don’t know about ourselves.

However, because the labyrinthine twists and turns of a maze are usually designed and constructed by someone else, it often means that we have to follow their rules to arrive at a solution, rather than following our own instincts and intentions.

If you find yourself lost in the puzzling paths of a dream maze, it is valuable to reflect on your intentions in waking life, and to consider what rules and processes are constraining your choices. Imagine yourself in the maze and use of all your senses to orient and find yourself.

Look at the clouds moving across the sky above and see where the sun is shining from. Listen to the sounds and inhale the scents and smells. Use your instincts to guide yourself to the destination that you choose. Rather than following rules such as ‘Always turn right’, just do the right thing.

Instead of being limited by a path that someone else has chosen for you, walk out of the maze and investigate the amazing opportunities in your own individual forest of the unconscious and instinctive.