Dear Ian, I read your article with great interest as I have had a repetitive dream for a long while. It is trying to make an emergency call….for many different reasons, some for ambulance/police and some just for aid. Every time I have just about dialled the number there is one digit missing or I miss dial. This goes on and on, sometimes I am really distressed sometimes just frustrated. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this dream. Thanks


When we dream of making an emergency call, there is a situation in our waking life that is making us feel anxious or afraid. Although you are desperate for someone to come to your assistance, you end up feeling distressed and frustrated because you can never seem to communicate your real anxieties to other people. The one digit missing indicates that you just can’t put your finger on what it is making you feel so anxious.

Your anxieties and fears in waking life may be about what seem to be apparently trivial matters to others. However, your urgent requests for assistance show that what you really need is some form of reassurance and comfort from someone who is significant to you in your waking life. The misdialing in your dream indicates that you are not really sure how to push this person’s buttons to make them respond in the way that you really need.

In waking life, you probably appear to be strong and independent and don’t like to voice your anxieties in case it makes you appear vulnerable to other people. However, being honest about your fears and not being afraid to show your vulnerability will instantly bring the reassuring responses that you really want to hear.