Hello Ian I have a recurring dream that I am in a large rambling house and I am exploring the rooms. It is a very emotional dream but I am not sure what the emotion is because I am not frightened. The more I explore the more rooms I find and there are boxes of possessions etc in the rooms – they are unoccupied. It is as if I could live there if I wanted to. It is always a real labyrinth with lots of small passageways and twisting stairways and I enjoy looking into each room. Yours, Lucy


The house in your dream symbolises your own self and the rooms you are exploring represent different aspects of your own character and identity. Your dream reflects what you are doing in your waking life which is probably considering bigger questions about yourself such as who you are, why you are here and what does it all mean.

The emotion that you are experiencing is an excited anticipation of growing self awareness rather than an anxiety or a fear. The more that you explore your identity, then the more you become aware of who you really are and can begin to make more sense of your life. The boxes of possessions represent the true value of the wisdom that you have accumulated during your life and the unoccupied rooms symbolise your potential for continued personal growth.

The feeling that you could live there if you wanted to suggests that there is nothing to stop you continuing your self exploration and enjoying your inner wealth. The labyrinthine small passage ways show that there is a lot still to find out and it may not all be simple and straightforward. However the process of exploration will be extremely rewarding and satisfying for you.