Dear Ian I dreamed last night that there was an awful plague in the world which had been caused by raw meat. I was looking after some people in a hospital who had not been infected as they had not come in contact with the meat but I was forced by some people in authority to go around and wipe all these poor people with some infected meat so they would all have the disease. It was very distressing as there was complete anarchy with looting and rape because everyone knew they were going to die. The streets appeared full of people selling raw meat and people were buying it as they had no hope of getting well and may as well consume the meat. Yours, Gary


Dreaming of raw meat usually suggests that certain circumstances in waking life are compelling us to act immediately. Rather than thinking the situation through and cooking up a plan, you feel the need to make a move straight away. However, the plague indicates that your actions will be driven by festering anger and resentment about a particular issue in your life.

Although this issue has been plaguing you for some time, you feel that you might cause a lot of unnecessary suffering and pain if you act without any further thought. The people who you are looking after in the hospital indicate that you would prefer to take this action in a clean and clinical manner, but you are being forced to act immediately by events that appear to be beyond your control.

You are anxious that you will not be able to control your anger and that this will cause a number of other people to become very angry as well. You feel that this will result in the complete breakdown of some close relationships with no opportunity for reconciliation. Instead of letting your resentment spread out of control, focus your anger on a single issue to ensure a healthy outcome.