Hi Ian, I was trying to climb a sheer rock face and there were people following me I was scared as the rocks kept crumbling but I did manage to get to the top and I kept shouting encouragement to those behind me. When I got to the top there was only enough space for me to crawl on my belly between the top of this mountain and the sky –  it was like I had reached the sky’s ceiling. Sue


Climbing a sheer rock face in a dream reflects the fact that you are engaged in some arduous task in waking life. This task feels like a constant uphill struggle and you are only making progress through sheer effort. The people who are following you represent colleagues who you lead and inspire in your waking life. The crumbling rocks show that you feel anxious and insecure about what you are doing but you are courageous enough to keep pushing on.

Reaching the top indicates that you are succeeding in your plans and turning them into reality. You are keen to demonstrate your achievements to others so that they will be encouraged to follow your lead. The sky often symbolises the airy space of thoughts and ideas and the ground is a symbol of the hard facts or practicality.

You are just scraping through between them and this suggests that you are just managing to turn your ideas into reality and that you feel right on the limit of what is theoretically possible. Although you are crawling on your belly, this shows that you are using your gut feeling and the best way forward is by listening to your instincts.