Hi Ian I keep dreaming of a huge white ship- an ocean liner that is enormous. In its middle is a whole floor dedicated to shops and it looks like a mall with open-fronted stores. There is something that I am looking for in the shops but I don’t know what it is. I am worried that I will not have enough money to pay for this purchase when I eventually find it. I am also worried that we might hit an iceberg before I find the right thing. Thanks Naziyah


Ships often symbolise how we navigate the uncharted waters of our feelings and emotions. A huge white ocean liner suggests that you are currently thinking a lot about getting married and the enormous emotional commitments that it appears to involve. Dreaming of looking for something in the shops indicates that you feel that something is missing from your life and this probably your desire to be in a happy and committed marriage.

When you dream about not being able to pay for a purchase, this suggests that you have concerns about your self worth and how much other people really value you in your waking life. This is  because you do not value yourself enough, and you often give your time and your talents too freely to other people with no recognition of your true value.

The iceberg represents particular traditions that seem quite simple and straightforward on the surface. However, these customs usually also involve hidden agendas that can be quite damaging and cause unnecessary suffering. You are worried that you will end up in an unhappy marriage before you have had the chance to find a man who will really love you and also value and respect you.