Dream takes place in a room similar to a dining room. There’s a large wooden table in the middle of the room and on the far side of the table there stands a stag with large antlers. Slowly the stag begins to grin at me and then starts to make its way around the table towards me. By this time the grin has become quite menacing and I am feeling frightened. Eventually the stag catches up with me and I start wrestling with it. Then I wake up shouting and kicking. Eric


Dreaming of a table suggests that you are considering your social connections with other people and the habits and routines that you have formed in your relationships with them. The dining table shows that you are thinking about how this large network of people helps to fulfill your needs and ensures that you have steady and solid support in your everyday life.

Although you have a great deal of encouragement from your friends and acquaintances, you are unsure of your perceived status within your social network. The stag indicates that you would like to be seen as the leader of the group and to have this position reflected in your social status. To begin with, the thought of being the leader of your group is something that makes you happy and you start to get used to the idea.

However, the reality of actually holding this position makes you very anxious and it’s something that you really begin to struggle with. Even though you want others to accept you as the strong individual who is at the centre of their group, you need to start by honestly accepting your own strengths and weaknesses. This honesty will naturally attract people towards you.