Hi Ian I was an actor playing the part of a Cockney gangster. For one scene I had to to put a stinging wasp in my mouth for some reason. Although I had been told that the sting had been disabled and I would not get hurt, as soon as I closed my mouth with the wasp inside it went crazy. I opened my mouth  put my hand in and grabbed the wasp, squashed it and washed it away under a running hot water tap that was next to me. I woke up feeling unable to open my mouth fast enough to get it out before it was going to sting me. Thanks, Jez


When we dream of being actor, it often reflects a need to play out a particular role in waking life. You are probably in a romantic relationship with someone where you feel that you need to appear as tough, streetwise, bad boy character. The reason that you assume this role and behaviour is to make you appear more attractive to your partner.

However, playing this part is sometimes like having words put in your mouth. You often find yourself saying what you think that your partner wants to hear rather than expressing how you really feel. Even though you are just acting out your role when you speak these words, you are not sure if they will be received as harmless sarcasm or a stinging rebuke.

This results in a situation where you don’t know if you are bringing a buzz to your relationship or just being really hurtful. Feeling that you have to behave in this way with your partner is driving you crazy and you want to take some kind of action. Running water often symbolises a free flow of feelings and emotions, so you take the sting out of your words by saying what you genuinely feel.