Hi Ian I have a recurring dream about trying to run through treacle (which I am sure is very common.)   However, in my recurring dreams, I find if I turn round and run backwards, I make quicker progress. I’d be really interested to know what this means. Thanks, Pat


Dreaming about trying to run through treacle often indicates that you are trying pursue a particular course of action in your waking life. Your legs symbolise how you motivate yourself and move forward in pursuit of your individual ambitions. The treacle shows that you are finding it difficult  to make progress and it always feels as if something is holding you back from realising your goals.

As well as being sticky, treacle is also quite sweet and this suggests that you need to be more assertive with the people around you. Keeping other people sweet and trying not to upset them means that you often ignore your own needs as you attempt to please others and keep them happy. Devoting all your efforts to them leaves you with much less energy to make your own way forward.

However, you have the wisdom and experience to approach your own objectives from a different direction. By running backwards, you can gain a fantastic perspective on where you have come from and what you have achieved so far. By drawing on your extensive experience, you can negotiate any sticky situations that you might encounter when dealing with the needs of other people.