Hi Ian, I am a strict vegetarian but over the past few weeks I have been have a recurring dream where I am eating a large rare steak. As I bite into it I can taste the blood running out of it and I am ashamed to say that I really enjoy the texture and flavour of the meat as I chew it. As an affirmed veggie, I am finding these dreams both disturbing and intriguing. What does it mean? Dream


When we dream of eating food, we are usually reflecting on ways of achieving personal fulfilment in our waking lives. Although you are a vegetarian, the meat that you are eating in your dream indicates a particular opportunity for achievement in your waking life. Like the rare steak in your dream, this is a rare opportunity for you and is probably a situation where there is a lot ‘at stake’.

Dreaming of blood often represents passion and vitality, so this juicy opportunity is something that will revitalise you because you are really passionate about it. You are really savouring the prospect as you chew it over, although you are feeling slightly guilty because you think that you do not really deserve this unique chance.

In its original form, meat is simply animal muscle and we use our muscles to provide power, movement and action. In your dream, this indicates that you need to act soon to ensure a successful outcome for this opportunity. It won’t happen on its own and so you need to move strongly and quickly to make it happen. This is not a situation where you can afford to mince about or cook up an elaborate scheme. Be confident and act now.