Dear Mr Dream Man, In an occurring dream I often dream that I am flying about in the house that I was born in and remained in till I was 31. I fly from room to room but I don’t fly like a bird does it as if I am like a visiting spirit and no one can see me.


When we dream about a house we are usually dreaming about our own identity and individual characteristics. The different rooms in your old house represent different aspects of your character. For example, the kitchen symbolises your ability to nurture yourself and others, the bedroom represents your privacy and self awareness, and the living room shows where you are most comfortable and at home with others.

The neurological process of dreaming plays an important part in consolidating our memories and constructing our identities. This is a vital process in creating an individual sense of self and a coherent identity. By flying from room to room, you are revisiting fundamental parts of your character and considering how they have helped you evolve and mature into the person that you are now.

Although you are revisiting these parts of your character, it seems as if you are invisible and this suggests that you feel that you are losing touch with your younger identity in some way. This can often happen in situations where it seems that you are not being recognised as a unique individual by other people. This dream is reminding you not to forget who you once were and to be proud of your individuality and your personal achievements.