Developing Your Potential

The biggest opportunity that you have to successfully achieve your ambitions in life is to understand your potential and fully develop it. The challenge that most people face in successfully developing their potential is that they use the conventional methods that everyone else uses, which are largely ineffective. These conventional ways of working with your potential involve idealising it, imagining what could be, imagining what it will be like when you have actually realised your potential. The challenge with idealising your potential, placing it at some point in your future, is that it actually distances you from truly realising your potential.

Rather than being a powerful opportunity to achieve and succeed, your potential becomes some place that you can escape to, a place of ideas, imaginings and inspirations, that seems to expand every time you visit it. The more time you spend thinking about your potential, the more potential you will appear to have but unless you really understand how to work with your potential, it will always just remain as your potential, what could have been and not what actually is.

The processes I use to enable you to really develop your potential are unique because I take a uniquely different approach when working with you. Conventional methods for developing potential use an outside–in approach,  where you are critically viewed as a static object to be perfected rather than as a dynamic process to be lived. These other methods often treat you pathologically, is something that needs to be fixed or reprogrammed, rather than actually working with you as a dynamic living process, a dynamic living human being whose real potential is as yet unknown but  is ready to be discovered and successfully realised.

Instead of using this conventional outside–in approach, I work with you by using my original inside-out approach, where you are placed in the centre of your own self-perceptions and experience how your inner world is unconsciously reflected in your outer world. By working from the inside-out, you instinctively understand how to step into your potential and channel it into successful results, rather than just viewing it as an object, a thing that is just never perfect enough.

As you work from the centre of your self-perceptions, you naturally understand how you can make real connections between the ideas, imaginings and inspirations of your inner world to tangible results and successfully achieved ambitions in your outer world. The work that I do with you in developing your potential enables you to connect your inner potential, your powerful ideas and profound inspirations, to your outer potential where you achieve powerful meaning and inspired purpose.

As you develop your own potential, you will naturally begin to also develop the potential of other people, to develop the potential of your team, to develop yourself as a leader, to develop your organisation and to develop your culture.  And to start connecting with your inner and outer potential, you can simply begin by connecting with me at Ian McLaren Wallace.