Waking reality is a safe and powerful way to bring the real meaning and insight of a dream into the dreamer’s own waking reality. This original process was created by Ian to enable dreamers to become more fully aware of their true purpose and potential in waking life.

The Waking Reality process takes the form of a guided visioning where the fundamental message of a dream is brought to life in the dreamer’s own everyday experience. The dreamer is gently guided through whatever is frustrating or frightening them as they wake up to the full potential of their own reality.

Waking Reality takes everyday objects, events and places and uses them to clearly reveal the intentions, needs and beliefs of the dreamer. Dreamers who have been guided through Waking Reality describe it as ‘a real eye opener’, ‘a powerful awakening’ and ‘a life changing experience’. The process is based on the principles described by Ian in his best selling book, The Top 100 Dreams.