Hi Ian,
I keep having a recurring dream where I am in an aeroplane which stops and vertically crashes into the sea. There is an air bubble at the back of the plane and this is were I am the only person who has my head in it and isn’t drowning.

Dream Meaning
When we dream about an aeroplane we are often thinking about a particular situation in our working life. Aeroplane flights usually symbolise projects that are being run to a timetable or specific issues that have to be resolved by an agreed deadline. Your dream suggests that you are working on a project that has encountered some difficulties and is in danger of falling short of its objectives.

Dreaming of the sea reflects the feelings of everyone involved in the project and the situation is becoming very emotional as the project appears to be swamped by problems. Apart from you, everyone else is immersed in their emotions and you are the only one who is managing to stay calm. Rather than wallowing around in self pity, you are trying to think clearly and see how you can survive this difficult situation.

However, remaining in your bubble of air at the back of the aeroplane suggests that you are consciously distancing yourself from the people who you are working with. This may help you survive the situation individually but may not be very helpful for the others in your team. Try sharing your ideas with your colleagues so they can start to get their heads above water too.