Alan Carr is fascinated by dreams and dreaming. On Saturday’s show he invited listeners to contact him with their dreams. However, he needs to throw away that dream dictionary! These are the actual meanings of his listener’s dreams. They are not taken from any dictionary but are drawn from my own experience in analysing over 100,000 dreams as a professional dream pyschologist.

Dream Being at Simon Cowell’s house with your parents
Meaning You are beginning to really appreciate and identify with your own unique talent. You often judge yourself far too harshly because sometimes you feel that your performances are not as good as you would like them to be. However, you are now recognising yourself  as a true entertainer with a rich and varied career ahead of you.

Dream Any Simon Cowell dream
Meaning Recognising your own unique talents.

Dream Teeth falling out, jaw and driftwood
Meaning Our teeth symbolise our confidence – if they are falling or crumbling, then so is our confidence. Dan doesn’t move his jaw because he doesn’t have the confidence to really say what is on his mind. Driftwood represents old habits that are causing him to drift in life, so instead of saying what he really feels, he is drifting back into old habits.

Dream Posh lady, mouse and jungle
Meaning The angry posh lady is the part of Lizzy that wants to express her anger at something, probably about someone else being selfish. However, when she tries to make her point, she gets nervous and tries to cover up the incident with a whole lot of light and frothy behaviour. She then retreats into mouse like behaviour and goes back to acting timidly. Canoeing down the jungle river shows that she is trying to navigate scary and unknown personal emotions.

Dream Flying pig, fairy wand and clouds
Meaning Dawn has a fantastic idea or plan in mind, but her friends think it is impossible. She wishes that she could just magically bring this plan to life and the camera shows that she is trying to capture the essence of the idea so she can share it with other people. The clouds are her own doubts that she will be able to accomplish her great idea.

Dream Paul McCartney, inhaler, Yesterday
Meaning Our noses symbolise our intuition and curiosity, so Si is trying to clear up his curiosity about how to have his talent recognised in the future.

Dream Sawing off dead grandad’s feet
Meaning Simon is faced with a moral dilemma in his waking life and his grandad represents wisdom and the right choice. Feet symbolise our values and what we stand for, so Simon is thinking about his values and morals so he can make the right choice and improve his situation.

Dream Ostrich in the Grand National
Meaning The dreamer is trying to get ahead in life but she keeps ignoring and avoiding obstacles. She needs to confront these obstacles head on or she will end up feeling quite flattened.

Dream One legged Marilyn Monroe
Meaning The dreamer has a need to have his talents recognised. He has the right approach and knows how to get where he wants to be but he is unsure of the support that he might get from a partner.

Dream Large house that isn’t mine
Meaning The house always represents the self, so this dream reflects a major possibility for personal growth and self fulfillment.

Dream Naked on the Toilet at Work
Meaning Kay needs to express her needs but feels very uncomfortable doing that in public. She needs to set personal boundaries in her workplace and make sure that ther own needs are fulfilled, as she spends all her time looking after the needs of other people.

Dream Pies on lap, Robert Redford,  Alan Sugar
Meaning Kate is using all her experience and talent to feel creatively fulfilled. However, she feels that her talent may not be what is really required.

Dream Roast chicken birth
Meaning Lesley is fulfilling a wish that she has held for a long time. She wants everything to be perfect for her new child.

Dream Snake ate my slippers
Meaning The dreamer is going through a personal transformation that threatens his cosy domesticity.

Dream Dentist, Spaniel, shoelaces
Meaning The dreamer is trying to be loyal and helpful but doesn’t have much confidence in the outcome as she senses that there is something wrong. Tying her shoelaces show that she wants to feel secure in her own actions.

Dream Sheep on house roof
Meaning Paul feels under pressure to conform and be part of a group so that he can feel secure but he now has the opportunity to show his individual character and really be himself.

Dream In a box
Meaning The dreamer feels trapped because she is trying to live up to the expectations of others and this feels very limiting to her. She needs to decide what she really wants and break free from these external expectations.

Dream Bicycle, bread and baker
Meaning Claire has an idea or project that she is trying to make money from and so she can achieve a personal sense of fulfillment. However, her plan is a bit wobbly and she is considering her next move.

Dream Alien voices, spaceships and stampeding elephants
Meaning Cynthia is excited by novel experiences and learning new information. As she absorbs this new knowledge, it brings memories back to her and gives her strength and wisdom.

Dream Aliens and ray guns
Meaning Ian sometimes feels overwhelmed by the unfamiliar and by having to conform to foreign customs and ways.

Dream Field, lorry and lake
Meaning The field represents the possibilities that Hannah sees stretching out in front of her as she gets ready to go to university. Her boyfriend is symbolised by Mark from Emmerdale. The road is the direction that she chooses to take, but the result of this decision is like being hit by a truck as she splits with her boyfriend. Jumping into the lake shows that she has become immersed in her feelings and emotions but everything works out perfectly in the end.

Dream Field and buzzard
Meaning Alison is also considering new possibilities in her life, but she is trying to move on from old habits and ways of thinking. She feels paralysed by those old ways of thinking and is scared to let them go as it might be quite hurtful.

Dream Giraffe’s neck and Rolf Harris
Meaning Julia is shy about her talents – she needs to start sticking her neck out a bit more and show off what she can really do.